Blistering brights, deep jewel tones, delicately soft tonals, and an extensive range of greys, dyer Nina Davies crafts rainbows of colour for maximum delight!

Hello Hello!  Originally from a coastal town in the North East of England, I moved to Scotland in 2008 and eventually settled in Edinburgh. Between researching my PhD and an obsessive amount of knitting, I started working with founder Emily Wessel (of Tin Can Knits).  I am now pleased to take over the business as Emily takes more time with her family.

I’m obsessed with brilliant, saturated, and vivid colours (and also with Harry Potter, but that’s a different story…).  Honing my dying skills these last few years has been an absolute joy, and I’m committed to creating blistering brights, deep jewel tones, delicately soft tonals, and the extensive range of greys that you know and love.

I'm also excited to share new and exciting upcoming projects (including a brand new yarn club launching in the Spring)! Look forward to many more beautiful rainbows in the future!

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